upgrade policy

The “One Click” software is unlocked with a key number supplied by Pamco-Imaging after purchase.

The one time purchase cost is for stand alone operation of the software.

When purchased, a “key”will be emailed to you. This key will un-lock any future version of the “One Click” software.

Pamco-Imaging will not change the name of our stand alone product photography software.

When new features are added, the name remains the same.

Unlike some software providers who claim no re-curring costs, they are referring to subscriptions not upgrades. Some software vendors charge for upgrades, we do not.

When they make a new feature , they often change the name or up the version number, then charge for that.

Pamco-Imaging will not do that.

Further to all this, version numbering does not constitute a name change.

Mark McLean, Owner.