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Double hot shoe – the auto switching twin hot shoe mount.

An auto switching twin hot shoe to automate the shooting of silhouettes for masking.

The twin shoe mounts into/onto a DSLR hot shoe. Connected to the computer by USB the triggering of the camera and the switching between the hot shoes between two shots is automated.

User would need to attached 2 transmitters to the hot shoes on the twin mount.

One set of strobes lights your subject, the other set of strobes, on a different channel, would light your background to produce the silhouette. Two images are produced, one of your subject, the other a perfect silhouette of it. One click, two images.

This system does not require a particular brand of transmitters and in fact can work with two different brands at the same time.

To automate the masking we suggest this dedicated masking software : Mask Integrator

This page explains proper lighting technique for making clean masks. Lighting setup.

Example Use Video


2 videos below. “Simple fish” shows using Mask Integrator to create a composite using a subject image and the silhouette of same. The fish is simple, in that it’s edge is clean and easy to cut out.

The 2nd video shows how doing 2 images to create a silhouette is really beneficial for products with a “complicated” edge. The “Fuzzy Bunny” has a complicated edge.

Light-room is on the left , Mask Integrator on the right, Pamco on top.


Simple fish

Fuzzy bunny.


What’s in the box.

Hot shoe twin mount with 28″ cable to controller.
Hot shoe controller with 15 foot USB 2 cable & 2 Velcro straps screwed into enclosure.
Camera cable, type based on your selection of “Hot Shoe Plus” kit.

Software Download.
Software to control hot shoe switching and trigger camera, manually or automatically can be downloaded here : ShoeShoe

Camera Trigger Cables

Camera trigger cables terminating in a 3.5mm TRS plug direct into the controller.


Tripod Mounting.

Controller box has 2 Velcro loops to attach to tripod legs or column.



Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 in
Cable length, box to hot shoe



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