Product Photography.

Any business that sells products is going to use product shots.

In some cases those images will be supplied, in other cases the business needs or wants to produce their own.

Most businesses have a simple choice,

  • Do it in house


  • Contract it out

Why, “do it in house”.

Doing your product shots in house gives you the following advantages

  • Cost control.
  • Faster because, The Pamco-Imaging One Click software working with a properly set up shooting table or other background/lighting set up, will allow images to be made from placing the product down on the table to a finished image in about 5 seconds.
  • Faster because, If you need to add to your collection, even just one product, no problem the system is ready , no need to place that frantic phone call to your contracted service provider
  • Repackage and sell. The very product you photographed can be repackaged by your people and put on the shelf to be sold. A contracted service might complicate that effort or even damage the original packaging.
  • Provide product photography to others. Why not use your set up to do product photography for others. Your own system could actually make you money.

A Finished Product Photo in Seconds.