Product Photography Software


What should software do if product photography is its only job?

It does depend on the requirement of the business first.

If the business needs a large volume of images and prefer to do it in house or DIY, then here are our suggestions,

1/ be fast. One click, 5 seconds later, done, ready for next product.

2/ be off line. Our software does not need to connect to the internet to be used to its fullest capability.

3/ be ready 100% of the time. Never need to update a subscription. Our one time cost means you have 100% use for life, plus all upgrades are no cost.

4/ Cost control. Our fixed one time cost is it. PAMCO-IMAGING upgrades to the software are at no charge.

5/ Support. PAMCO-IMAGING only does product photography software. When you contact us, we are ready to talk “product photography” , not upgrades,not  updating your profile, not updating this or that, No we only talk “product photography” and our focus is to get you IN PRODUCTION.

6/ No marketing activity from us to you. Unlike many software companies we absolutely do not use any contact info for marketing purposes or mass emails or anything of the sort. We are a small private company that focuses on helping our customers make product shots efficiently.

A Finished Product Photo in Seconds.