Pamco-Imaging started in 2010 as a 360 view photography turntable manufacture. Designing and manufacturing photography turntables along with the software to control them and cameras.

The software also outputs a 360 view as a JAVA script.

Along with turntable development we have software that is designed specifically for product catalog photography, pack shots or basic on white e-commerce product shots. Product images that need to be consistent and often with an all white background.

Mark McLean is the founder of the company. He has worked in the film industry and has a background in electronics. Along with his father they started PAMCO-IMAGING. In the team is also David Triggerson our programmer.

The company is dedicated to the idea of providing an:

Efficient work flow for mass product photography.

Our view is, you either spend time on each image or you need to crank out a ton of them with a consistent look, fast. As a product photographer, Mark has experienced scenarios where he might spend 1hr on a single wine bottle shot and then the next day need to photograph 30 items quick, all with the exact same look. This is the drive for the philosophy of PAMCO-IMAGING. Our software is designed from the ground up to serve that purpose, work flow.

A Finished Product Photo in Seconds.