Product Turntables for 360 View Photography

Strobe Control Systems for Masking

Custom Programming for Image Editing and Camera Control

Motion Control Turntables for Photogrammetry Work

Started in 2010 as a photography turntable manufacturer, Pamco-Imaging offers specially designed photography software. This software is designed specifically for product catalog photography, pack shots, or basic e-commerce product shots on white backgrounds.

Our One Click Product Photography Software allows you to maintain a consistent style of product shots.

The software also outputs a 360 view as a JAVA script.


Efficient work flow for mass product photography.

Our view is, you either spend time on each image or you need to crank out a ton of them with a consistent look, fast. As a product photographers, we have experienced scenarios where we might spend 1 hour on a single wine bottle shot and then the next day need to photograph 30 items quick, all with the exact same look. This is the drive for the philosophy of PAMCO-IMAGING. Our software is designed from the ground up to serve that purpose, work flow.

One Click Product Photography Software

The PAMCO-IMAGING One Click software processes product photography to the specifications required by a number of e-commerce solutions, including:

Open Cart
Presta Shop
Zen Cart

A Finished Product Photo in Seconds.